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Defender shield EMS protection

Hi there!I'm excited to share with you that I have recently partnered up with DefenderShield, the worldwide leaders in EMF radiation protection, after falling in love with their top-rated EMF Protection products! Their EMF-shielding phone, laptop, and mobile device cases & accessories are the best I've seen, and I am so happy to be able to share them with you.

You can learn more here:

Pregnancy & Children

From Infancy through Adulthood...

Connecting families to their inner source of health and vitality through exceptional chiropractic care and transformational healing!


It is absolutely encouraged to get adjusted during pregnancy because of how critical the health of the mother is to the health of the baby she is carrying. Research has long shown that a mother’s nutrition, neurological function, stress, and overall well-being has a drastic impact on the growth and development of the baby. All of a woman’s ability to carry, develop, and deliver a baby depends on the function of a healthy nervous system, and by removing interferences found in the communication between the brain and body, this process is aided tremendously. 

CranioSacral and pregnancy 

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral therapy is gentle and can be a dramatically effective technique. CranioSacral therapy helps pregnant women as well as newborns. Newborn techniques are a little different than adult techniques (such as how the temporal bone is worked with), and so special training is recommended before a craniosacral therapist works on newborns. 


The fact that a chiropractor would suggest having a child under chiropractic care is confusing to many, because we often think of addressing our health when something is clearly wrong, but chiropractic is not under that paradigm. The kinds of developmental changes children go through set them up for success or failure for the rest of their lives, and a child’s growth, adaptation and resiliency to stress and disease hinges on the health and performance of their nervous system. The brain’s ability to compensate for injury and illness, as well as its ability to adjust its activities in response to new situations or changes in the environment (neuroplasticity) determines the rate at which a child will grow, develop, learn and adapt in the future. By optimizing this neuroplasticity at a young age, chiropractic contributes significantly to the health and well being of any developing child, just as it would with an adult.

Water Filtration Nikken