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Stories of Transformation: Lives change everyday at The Recharging Station


I can't even put into appropriate words the difference the ladies at The Recharging Station have made in my life. In the 5 years I have been going there the changes in not only my physical health but also in my emotional health have been astounding. I highly recommend them them for all levels of healing. You won't be disappointed!

Keitha S. Ansonia, CT

My experience so far has been nothing less than life changing for me. So much so that now I go once a week with my entire family. Not only have our bodies been straightened out but so have our spirits. It sounds unusual but as individuals and as a family we are becoming more in tune with each other and the world around us. Things that we used to get hung up on again and again are finding solution. I never expected such an awakening going into the Recharging Station, maybe just some back relief but man did my family and I get so much more. It's the best choice I made for personal health in my life.

Larry L. Newtown, CT

I have been getting chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Moratto since I was 6 months old. We have followed the advice all these years that she has given to me and my mom, and I have never had any earaches or been sick like many of my friends. I have never been on antibiotics and I know that it is because of the chiropractic care that I have been receiving my whole life.  Thank you Dr. Moratto!

Noah J. La Grange, NY

Thank you Sharon and Dr. LuAnn for helping to facilitate my very first chiropractic adjustment. I feel amazing, like I’ve been transported and transformed. Life looks different now. Feels different. What beautiful, loving energy you both both have been a tremendous gift for me. You were clearly sent tonight to help me open my world and help me to see.

Stacey L. Toronto, Canada

The Recharging Station has been a Godsend for me and my family. It is not often that you find a place where everyone truly cares for the whole person. LuAnn, Sharon and Cheri are gifted healers and we feel blessed to have them in our lives. I cannot thank all of you enough for how wonderful you make us feel!

Mike S. Redding, CT

After a few conversations with Dr. LuAnn, I took the leap and went in for my first adjustment. Even with her slightest touch, I felt an energy surge through my body, and knew things had been changed for the better. I went home, spoke to my husband, and together we decided we would bring the whole family in to try and fortify our minds and bodies. Since we have three little ones, and are both teachers, we meet our fair share of germs and stressors on a daily basis, and had been pretty sick these past few years. Since starting with Dr. LuAnn 3 months ago, we have noticed a substantial increase in emotional connection, and feel so much more in tune with our own bodies. We have managed to avoid/fight off the “back to school” germs, and our kids honestly look forward to their next adjustment. When I did get a virus a month ago, an adjustment from Dr. LuAnn almost immediately knocked it out. Along with their knowledge of essential oils (which have also been such a blessing to our family for a myriad of reasons), Dr. LuAnn and Sharon Cravens have been nothing short of angels in our family’s life. I know there is nothing more important to these amazing women than sharing good health and well being, and for them I am thankful every day.

Beth J. Bethel, CT

I've had a few readings in my life and I have always chosen my reader with caution. Sharon came very well recommended by a dear friend. As I sat down to start my reading I could tell that this one was going to be different. I felt very calm and reassured during the whole time Sharon and I spent together. I'm not sure if she, herself, realizes the scope of her amazing gift. She reached back into my life and told me things that needed to resurface in my life. The intuitiveness that she has is incredible. Her understanding and the way she can listen to what is being said to her by forces unknown is truly inspirational. I have gone back several times in the months after my reading to listen to my recording of my reading to things that she said and all of these things continue to unravel in my life. There is not one thing that she mentioned in my reading that did not come to fruition. Just incredible. I can't wait for my next reading!

Linda F. Brookfield, CT

Dr. LuAnn Moratto has immensely helped many members of my family, including my four children and myself. Her healing touch, wisdom and holistic knowledge has truly aided us all in being our most happy and healthy. I very rarely find the need to seek outside medical assistance for my family and feel we have all learned a healthier way to live in our complicated world. We make better choices in all aspects of our lives, including our food choices and how we interact with others. Sharon Kimberly Cravens is an amazing, powerful bodyworker and gifted healer. The Recharging Station is a wonderful place filled with genuine peace and addresses all of my needs. My family and I feel very fortunate to be in the care of The Recharging Station. I highly recommend it!

Susan B. Boulder, CO

I love everything about The Recharging Station – I love the lighted peace sign in the window, the white stone yin/yang on the lawn, the history and spirit in the space. Everyone is so welcoming. Dr. Luann Moratto is an amazing chiropractor and Sharon Cravens heals with her finger tips. The Recharging Station is such a great space and place to realign and recharge and feel better phsycially, spiritually and emotionally. I am grateful to have found this shining gem.

R Tomasello. Bethel, CT

My family, including my two children, have been going to The Recharging Station for almost two years now. We have all experienced improvement in various areas, from traditional back/neck/shoulder pain, to digestive improvements, decreased headaches, and reduced emotional distress. We have also had a number of different massage and energy treatments with Sharon Kimberly, that bring relaxation and clarity to an otherwise hectic life. Both Dr. LuAnn and Sharon go above and beyond for their clients, often offering to educate them on additional ways to help improve their quality of life, because they truly care. The women of TRS set a high bar for what health care should be and I highly recommend them for anyone who is looking for a warm, loving environment in which to heal through chiropractic and energetic adjustments.

Jen B. Danbury, CT
I recently went to The Recharging Station and received a intuitive channeled soul reading from Sharon Kimberly. The soul reading was an amazing experience as Sharon has an incredible gift. Sharon was able to tap into my head and give me some clarity, answers and guidance on some things that had  become very cloudy for me in life.  I felt calm and relaxed during the reading and as our time together went on I felt more and more comfortable almost like she already knew me for some time. Sharon was able to tap into specifics during the reading, that's when I realized this reading wasn't an ordinary reading but instead something very special. Sharon has an incredible gift to guide, touch, listen and connect with people which is rare and extremely special.
Anthony J. Poughkeepsie, NY

I have a very stressful job. Dr. Moratto has been such a huge influence in my life because she has helped me keep the stress from my job from effecting my life. With regular chiropractic adjustments and classes in yoga, I have been able to accept the stress that my job puts on me, and keep my body and spirit in control, helping me be free of anxiety and the headaches associated with constant stress. She is truly amazing in the service she performs and in her knowledge of explaining things that keep me healthy on a day to day basis.

Kim B. Poughkeepsie, NY

The Recharging Station is a natural, well rounded approach to health care in a relaxed, yet professional environment. Dr. Moratto is a trustworthy, knowledgeable practitioner who guided me through my entire pregnancy and the birth and development of my son with frequent chiropractic adjustments.

Jenna M. Danbury, CT

As a spiritual person constantly on the lookout for the ‘face of God’; whether in religion, a sunrise, or the smile of a child, I experienced one of the most intense, cathartic moments of my life while being worked on by Dr. Moratto and Sharon. There is no way my words could explain or do this feeling justice. I just pray others may find it also.

Anonymous. Southbury, CT

Sharon is incredibly gifted in her craft and I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing her body work, energy work, and readings. Her readings in particular have been direct, deeply meaningful, deeply personal, and have helped me move through some significant life decisions. She has the unique ability to clear away the background noise of life and cut right to the heart of the matter with wisdom and humor. I only wish I lived closer so I could see her more often.

Jennifer C. Brooklyn, NY

As a fitness instructor and personal trainer, I came to The Recharging Station after hurting my back lifting weights. It was the closest office to our house and I was looking for a quick fix so I could resume training. I assumed I would be there for a few visits before I felt well enough to opt out of adjustments. My quick fix turned into a long term love affair with chiropractic care. The atmosphere there is completely different than any doctors office. The ladies truly care about your entire well being. It's about addressing systemic health, not just fixing the symptoms. These are my "life adjustments"...I feel focused and healthier physically and mentally after visits. My time at this office has sent me on a path of holistic, natural healing that I would have never journeyed down. Beyond the adjustments, Sharon and Dr. LuAnn played an essential role in my pregnancy. They provided me with information and care I would have never received in mainstream medical environments. As my doula, Sharon accompanied me to the hospital and helped my baby boy enter the world, while Dr. LuAnn has taken care of him en utero and as a newborn. I can not say enough about this practice and these women. I feel so fortunate to have stumbled upon this healing station and to have them in my life. I would- and do- recommend this practice to all.

Alexandra R. Southbury, CT

I began seeing Dr. LuAnn Moratto at The Recharging Station after several years of back pain from a herniated disc. I had been referred by a coworker and was looking for a place to find relief from my pain and a way to be able to function on a daily basis with my injury. I needed to find a practice that would treat my condition in an affordable manner due to my financial hardship and Dr.Moratto took me on as a patient regardless of what I could afford. She taught me how to maintain a normal lifestyle and that the ability to move the way I used to was possible when keeping the mind, body and spirit together. At first I listened and as time went on, I began to incorporate her suggestions into my daily lifestyle. Over this past year I have learned that I have the control over my how my body feels and I have the control to change it, whether through activity or through frame of mind or through my eating habits. I now listen to my body and what it is telling me, I find peace when my body needs it and I continue to feed it with positive thoughts, plenty of water and continuous physical activity. With the help of both Dr. Moratto and Sharon Cravens I have been given a sense of no-restrictions, I no longer feel like I can’t do something because of my injury but that it is a matter of building towards my goals. Anything truly is possible. I have gained not only the ability to move again – without pain – but I have gained a new sense of life. I don’t need medicine to feel better and in fact it was medicine that was making me worse! Through treating my body with love and care I have been able to be the most mobile and fit ever in my life! Thank you to you both!

Raffaela A. Bethel, CT

Magic hands, that is what Dr. Moratto has. I have been seeing Dr. Moratto for many years now and am very grateful to have met her.  She has an incredible ability to help me with my spine and my health. After having 2 kids, my spine felt ‘locked’ in a hunched position. It was so severe I could not stand up straight no matter how hard I tried. My friend took notice and brought me to meet Dr. Moratto. Within a few treatments I felt incredibly better and over the years I cannot believe the difference in my posture. Too bad we didn’t take before and after pictures because I never thought it would have been possible! I had seen an old woman hunched over in the supermarket and knew I was bound for that destiny... but no longer. Now, people who have just met me think I’m joking when they find out how hunched I was. Dr. Moratto continues to help me when I feel ‘locked up’ but even better is how much I’ve learned from her. The spine truly is the communication highway for the brain to talk to the body. To have your brain communicate without interference makes everything work better. I used to get tension headaches often and now they are few. When I do get them and see Dr. Moratto, she knows just what to do. As I’m driving home I feel my pounding headache dissipate and just wash away. That’s a great feeling. I highly recommend Dr. Moratto to everyone, whether you feel pain or not. She truly cares about her patients. Thank you, Dr. Moratto!

Tina B. Sherman, CT

Over the winter I did a good deal of shoveling and ended up with pretty serious shooting pain down one of my legs. It was actually pretty scary, since I’m young and never had any kind of chronic injury before. When a week passed and the pain only got worse, I called up Dr. Moratto at The Recharging Station. It had been a while since I had been adjusted but I always loved chiropractic, which is why I went to her first. I was pretty doubtful though, and thought I had injured myself for life. Because that is what it felt like.

The Recharging Station is an awesome place. Dr. Moratto spent a good hour with me examining me and making various adjustments. After my first visit I felt 50% better. After the second visit, the injury was actually completely gone. It went from me thinking I would be stuck like this for the rest of my life to being totally free of pain and discomfort, which is a pretty amazing thing. Chiropractic is really powerful and Dr. Moratto knew exactly what to do to help bring my body back into a healthy state. If you are even considering chiropractic, I definitely suggest that you give it a try. I think you will be very surprised and hopeful after just one visit. I’ve tried a lot of different healing modalities and chiropractic definitely is the quickest in terms of its ability to restore health. And not only that, but it feels amazing also. The Recharging Station is a beautiful place to receive treatment.

Adam H. Westchester, NY

In November 2010, I walked into The Recharging Station unable to lift my arms over my head or reach behind my back to undo my bra. I could not sleep because of the pain in both of my shoulders. I was sure that I was going to need double rotator cuff surgery. The treatment I started involved an adjustment twice a week and bodywork healings once a week.  The results were gradual but nothing short of amazing! Slowly I got movement back into my shoulders and the pain disappeared. I cannot believe what Sharon and LuAnn were able to. Today I have full motion in my shoulders and I am pain free. The process took about 6 months but the treatment prevented me from having surgery and the rehabilitation that would have resulted, not to mention the time out of work. I have been to at least a half dozen chiropractors and as many massage therapists and bodyworkers. I have never had such remarkable results as I have had from going to The Recharging Station. Thank you for all you have done.

L. Krayeski. Bethel, CT