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Why You Should Drink Pure (Distilled) Water

Water should be chemical-free, made of pure H20. But just filtering or “purifying” your

water (such as through reverse osmosis) does not mean it’s pure. The Environmental Protection Agency says that 86,607 chemicals are found in drinking water across the U.S., and most filters only

remove a small fraction of those chemicals. Plus, many water tests do not test for all of

these contaminants. The only pure form of water free of contaminants is distilled.

Distilled water can help prevent an increase in toxicity, heavily associated with chronic

illness and other health challenges. And with a proper diet and lifestyle, you can still

receive the needed nutrients essential for health. Because you should be getting your

minerals from food, not from your water. If you are looking to improve your health,

especially if you feel stuck in your wellness journey, we recommend drinking distilled

water. With this approach, you are literally removing the water from the contaminants

and preventing those same contaminants from harming you.


• The purest form of water you can get

• Removes 99.999% of potential

chemicals, pathogens, and toxins that

can harm you and rob your body of

essential nutrients

• Still has the same hydration benefits of

powering your metabolic and bodily

functions, which reduces your risk of

disease and prevents issues such as

kidney stones.


I drink filtered water. Why is distilled better for my health?

While it’s better than drinking tap water, filters and reverse osmosis purification systems lose effectiveness over time, so chemicals and toxins can still pass through. In contrast, distillers are consistent. They use a phase change instead of a physical barrier. This means that whatever they remove the first time, they will remove the 1,000,000th time.

I don’t like drinking water. Why am I not thirsty?

If you are not often thirsty or don’t like drinking water, chances are there is some chemical in the water that your body doesn’t want. This means your health could be suffering because of the water you drink. Switching to distilled could reverse this.

I feel worse when I drink distilled water. Should I stop drinking it?

You’ve been drinking certain chemicals for so long without realizing it, so now when you stop drinking your normal water, the body will start to purge chemicals that your body has built up. Our bodies cannot detox very well if we are constantly exposing it to chemicals. When you are finally detoxing chemicals out, you may experience what is called “herxing” or “herx reactions.” So while you may be feeling worse, you are actually getting better. You are now draining and detoxing more effectively, and overtime your body will adjust.

How much distilled water should I drink?

We recommend drinking half your body weight in ounces of water a day, plus extra 5 ounces for every 15 minutes of strenuous exercise. When on detox and/or elimination protocols, increase the water as well. Sometimes symptoms can be mitigated by just drinking more.

Are there any risks when drinking distilled water?

While there are no risks, some people have found that this water has a flat taste that can be unappealing. If this is an issue for you, we recommend adding a spritz of your favorite fruit in your water and tea to help with the taste. However, over time, your body will be craving this type of water, so you will get used to the taste. You may also have an increased urine output that could result in an electrolyte imbalance, so make sure you are drinking enough water and eating healthy foods. But remember, urine output is a normal drainage pathway that is necessary for the body’s natural detoxification processes.

Why are the minerals in water not healthy? Isn’t it important to have these minerals for health?

The minerals in water are often in a toxic state that are not carbon-bonded (unlike minerals which are plant-derived in food). Therefore,

they are not healthy. Think of the different mineral forms as consuming iron from a pipe (water) versus iron from spinach (food). So the

removal of minerals in water will not harm you as long as you are eating a balanced diet of nutrient-rich foods.

Should I add anything to my water?

You can choose to add CT-Minerals, minimum 1 drop of each per 16 ounces. This is not necessarily for adding the minerals back in, but rather to stabilize the pH, plus re-energize and order the H20 structure. The minerals in this supplement are bioavailable plant-derived, which means that the body can readily receive these minerals to perform essential bodily functions. Remember: distilled water does not

rob your body of minerals. Toxins do that.

What water distiller do you recommend?

We recommend a distiller from

Use Code RECHARGE for 5% off.




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