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Microbiome & Immune Support


  • Carboxy is a binder that aids the body’s
    natural detoxification processes and
    supports a balanced gut microbiome.* It
    contains short- and long-chain carbons,
    which can travel to different parts of the
    body, beyond the gut. This makes Carboxy
    an ideal detox support supplement for
    whole body wellness.* The addition of
    Carbon Technology helps increased
    cellular energy production and repair.*
    Carboxy is our most potent binder. It’s
    primarily designed for clients who are
    in the intermediate stages of promoting
    detoxification.* Because of this, Carboxy
    is typically recommended after a client
    has already introduced BioToxin Binder,
    ViRadChem Binder, or HM-ET Binder to
    their routine.

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