The Recharging Station


Chiropractic Wellness

Chiropractic care does not concern itself with what is wrong with a person, but instead focuses on what is right with that person. An essential part of chiropractic is the belief that the body has the inborn intelligence to grow, develop, heal, and reorganize itself to thrive in life. We liken this kind of care to ridding a room full of darkness. What better way to rid a room full of darkness than to turn on the light? When interference is removed, and the body functions at its highest level of adaptability, the benefits of chiropractic care have no limit. The body heals, regulates and organizes its 75 trillion cells through the CONTROL SYSTEM of the body: The NERVOUS SYSTEM. The brain sends signals to the cells (body) and the cells (body) sends signals to the brain. We need a balanced and organized nervous system to have optimum health and self-healing.  Neurologically Based Chiropractors assess the balance in your Nervous System, then locate and correct the imbalances in your nervous system to allow you to function at your full potential.

The Chiropractic Adjustment

As Chiropractors we use the Chiropractic Adjustment to correct imbalances in the nervous system.  An “adjustment” is the term we use for how we make positive changes to the spine and nervous system. There are many ways to adjust you. Some include very light contact with the spine, cranials and or muscles, and others are more direct to the joints. The NeuroInfiniti Stress response evaluation helps Doctor Moratto determine what type of adjustment is best for  your nervous system.