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Higher Brain Living

X-Ray Results

A New Brain…A New Beginning…

The Higher Brain Living® System is a revolutionary discovery that is transforming the way we approach healing and personal growth.

This gentle-touch technique creates a powerful surge of energy along the connective tissue of the body directly into your pre-fontal cortex, energizing and activating the largely untapped potential of the Higher Brain, opening you up to an entirely new way of living.

As your Higher Brain (prefrontal cortex) becomes energized, you’ll discover that you are good enough, worthy enough, deserving enough, connected to and a part of an accelerated experience that is free of limitation—otherwise known as ‘your new life.’ Clients report experiencing better relationships, greater financial freedom, increased work satisfaction, a healthier body and more.

But more than simply a physiological change, Higher Brain Living® offers you the methodology and insight to create a lifelong map toward limitless and meaningful personal growth.

Laura Alvarez, a Mastery Certified Higher Brain Living® Facilitator, will take you through the 22 Step Fearlessly Authentic Life Program. She offers 2 sample sessions to get you started. You can email her at

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